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7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

January 29, 20232 min read

The gifts of the Holy Spirit3 (Isa.11:1–2) foretold for the Messiah, the Christ, the Anointed One by the prophet Isaiah were given to Jesus. These same gifts are bestowed on all Christians by the Holy Spirit at their baptism, and they are affirmed, strengthened, and reinvigorated in their souls at their confirmation (CCCC 2006, 268).

Using the symbolism of the human body, these gifts are the protein that energizes the members of the Body of Christ to become aware of and lovingly responsive to the nudging and inspiration we continually receive from God through the Holy Spirit.

Wisdom is the gift of having an interior awareness of God’s will, desires, and divine plan in our lives and for the world.

Understanding is the gift of enlightenment into the divine truths of our faith.

Counsel is the gift of seeking and responding to the guidance, direction, wisdom, and advice of God through the Holy Spirit.

Fortitude is the gift of courage or strength in mind, heart, and will.

Knowledge is the gift of the Holy Spirit guiding us to view all the things of the world through the lens of faith.

Piety (reverence) is the gift that allows us to be receptive to the Holy Spirit’s guidance that leads us to reverence, honor, devotion, and affection for God, our Father.

Fear of the Lord (awe) is the gift of being devoted to and revering God so much that we fear doing anything that would offend Him who is all good and deserving of our love.

The Holy Spirit imbues us with these gifts, but we each must do our part to cultivate and put these gifts to use in our heart and soul so we can express them to all those we encounter to make the power of God known.

(Excerpt from The Capillaries of Christ (2023, 103–108)

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