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Helping Others to Live with Intention & Shine Like a Saint!

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I’m Marty, an author, speaker, and coach who helps baptized Christians in all stages of life realize they are uniquely endowed with God-given gifts and talents, understand they are capable of using them to fulfill God’s plan for their life, and to live with the intention of playing their part in the Body of Christ so they will shine like the saints we are all called to be!

For twenty years, I commuted fifty miles to my downtown office. At one point during my drive, I started contemplating and praying about the Body of Christ, specifically what it means on a personal level to be a member. I had a lot to learn and I felt the need to know:

  • Whether I was cooperating.
  • What my role was in this Body.
  • How can I play my part.

The Holy Spirit led me on a journey through the Body of Christ with stops along the way in Sacred Scripture reading and hearing what Jesus said and what His apostles wrote about it. I was led closer to the saints and I learned how some lived. I was inspired to consult religious scholars, theologians, and clergy.

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I gained the spiritual growth, passion, self worth, and intention that has sharpened my awareness and clarity about my God-given purpose. Now I have a passion to help other Christians do the same:

5-Part 'Shine Like a Saint!' Process

Updated Hearts


Gain a deeper understanding of the biblical conception of the Body of Christ and the part you play in it using the symbolism of the human circulatory system to demystify what it means on a personal level to be a member.


Reflect on and realize God has blessed you with unique gifts and talents and, with the power of the Holy Spirit, you are fully equipped and capable of using them to reach your potential in His plan for you at this stage of your life.


Discover the spiritual and physical nutrients and nourishment available and practical and relatable ideas to help you use your unique gifts and talents to bear good fruit for a healthy, growing, and strong Body of Christ.


Understand by taking care of your mind, body, and soul, working in communion with other members of the Body of Christ, and listening intently for and following the promptings of the Holy Spirit, you are not in this alone.


Live with Intention and Shine like a Saint! —you will be inspired to accept the call to holiness and to living a saintly life. You will learn this is not only attainable, but it will enhance your happiness rather than burden it.



The Capillaries of Christ

Understanding the Part You Play in His Body

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The 'Shine Like a Saint!' Online Course

This is the perfect faith-based life coaching program for building passion, self-worth, and clarity on God’s plan for your life. 

I teach you how to realize your unique God-given gifts and talents, understand how to use them to live God’s plan for your life, and to live with the intention of playing your part in the Body of Christ.

Coaching is offered in 4 ways:

What Are People Saying?

Marty Mitchell is dependable and reliable — the two qualities in a coach that are hard to find these days. His 5 step process will unpack your true potential. He is able to bring out the best in what Christ has already done for you.  When you work with Marty, prepare for the ah ha moments of truths of your God-given uniqueness and your unlimited potential in playing your part on His team, the Body of Christ.”

Crystal Waltman
Award Winning Author — Quitting to Win:
A Proven Plan to Let Go of Bad Habits, Learn to Feel, and Love Yourself

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“Marty is a fabulous Christian Leader. He leads with humility and empathy, helping Christians recognize and follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit. If you’ve found yourself wondering what your purpose or next steps in life should be, regardless of where you have been or are at today, Marty will get you there with God’s help. He opens your eyes to your God-given gifts and talents, and to how you play their unique part in the Body of Christ. By working with Marty, you will gain clarity on what it means to be a member of this Body on a personal level, taking you to new heights.” 

Niccie Kliegl
Founder, Fulfill Your Legacy

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Niccie Kliegl
Founder, Fulfill Your Legacy

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