'Educational, eye-opening & inspirational'

–Peter Cerutti, Growth Group Leader, Talbot Bible Church

Training that supports Parish Directors of Religious Education, Diocese Directors of Education, Retreat Coordinators, Catholic Conference event planners, and more!

As A Catholic Event Speaker . . .

Marty has a gift for speaking about his spiritual relationship with Christ. He walks in faith and does a great job expressing how Christ has worked in his life in an educational, eye-opening, and inspirational way.

–Peter Cerutti, Growth Group Leader, Talbot Bible Church

I do know, your success as an event planner hinges on:

  • finding the right speakers & content

  • placing them in the right spot

  • having them deliver a captivating and transformative experience

  • delivering a CTA consistent with your goals (donate to your cause, sign up for your next event, joing a small group).

You invest weeks planning and work tirelessly researching and interviewing speakers to find the right fit for your audience, expectations, and goals.

This is My Pledge to you:

  • I will work extremely hard to ensure I exceed your expectations.

  • I will make your job a lot easier and stress free.

  • I will show up to your event prepared and ready to edify and uplift your audience.

  • I will treat everyone how I would want to be treated.

  • I will, with the Holy Spirit's presence, deliver an experience that will draw your audience closer to God.

  • I will leave your audience with practical ideas and action steps.

  • I will serve you in any way I can at your event and beyond. I hope to develop a long-term relationship with you and your team.

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Marty’s talks will:

  • Enlighten your audience on their unique God-given purpose.

  • Inspire them to step onto the path He has prepared for them.

  • Illuminate all that makes them unique and equipped to reach their full potential.

Topics include:

  • The Body of Christ and the Part We Play

  • God Created You On Purpose

  • Your Potential Reaches to Heaven & Back!

  • Christian CommUnity - We Are All Christians

  • Building Self-worth After Bullying

Opening & Closing Keynote topics are tailored to your live and virtual events and your audience’s needs.



Designed for Catholic conferences, churches, retreats, schools, universities, homeschools, and faith-based organizations, these collaborative workshops include:

  • Creation: Understand the body of Christ, clarify your God-given purpose, & discover the unique part you play in it.

  • Contemplation: Take a deeper dive into your uniqueness, envision God’s plan for your life, & realize your full potential.

  • Cultivation: Embrace the spiritual nutrition and nourishment available to you and plan the practical action for bearing good fruit in the body of Christ.

  • Collaboration: Care for mind, body, & soul, work with other Christians, & listen for the Holy Spirit.

  • Commission: Increase in awareness, live with intention, grow in holiness, and be the saint Jesus has called you to be.

Half-day, Full-day, Multi-day, & Pre-conference Workshops



Marty’s virtual presentations will:

  • Captivate your virtual audience.

  • Invite interaction and discussion.

  • Utilize breakout rooms for community building and collaboration.

  • Provide access to notes, slides, and other deliverables.

Day long workshops per topic or weekend training for two topics



Marty would be honored to take part in your event in any of these ways:

  • Keynotes

  • Breakout Sessions

  • Pre-event Workshop

  • Panel Discussions

  • Q&A Sessions

Please contact me so we can discuss the best fit for delivering an outstanding message that is aligned with your audience, expectations, and goals.

Marty Mitchell connected in such a genuine way with everyone in the room during his breakout session. His talk on the uniqueness of every individual is an important message for all ages. He is an engaging speaker who facilitates audience participation and is relatable because he shares his personal stories thoughout. I encourage meeting and convention managers, teen and youth leaders to consider Marty as a speaker for your next event.
Sue Fajer Former University and Non-profit Conference Planner

Marty has a gift for speaking about his spiritual relationship with Christ. He walks in faith and does a great job expressing how Christ has worked in his life in an educational, eye-opening, and inspirational way.

Peter Cerutti Growth Group Leader, Talbot Bible Church

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