Introducing Marty Mitchell and what you can expect when you work with him . . .

Marty Mitchell is a Catholic Christian who strives daily to align his thoughts, words, and deeds with God’s will so it is evident to those he’s around that he loves God and his neighbor. He often fails to live up to this ideal, but he tries.

Marty wasn’t always Christ-centered, and his faith journey didn’t always take a straight path.

During college and many years after, Marty was too busy “having fun” in his social life and living for the next party, and he wasn’t practicing his faith.

His lifestyle started getting old, and he began to feel there was more to life.

Jesus in the Holy Spirit led Marty on a spiritual journey to understand his purpose in life by exploring the body of Christ and the role he and all Christians are expected to play in it.

This experience transformed Marty by clarifying his God-given purpose, drawing him into a deeper relationship with God, and increasing his self-worth, intention, and love for life.

Now he shares what he has learned on this journey so that it might help you along in yours.

Marty has a passion for helping Christians understand and play their unique part in the body of Christ so they can be filled with the love, joy, happiness, and peace of God that comes from living their Best Blessed Life and Shining Like a Saint!

As an author, speaker, and coach, Marty illuminates the messages of Love and Christian unity, as well as the uniqueness and great potential of all of God’s children, by shining a light on your God-given purpose and your unique gifts and talents so you can reach your full potential.

As an author in the religious, non-fiction genre, Marty’s purpose is to help Christians:

  • Really know the Holy Spirit and be guided by Him.

  • Deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Embrace your God-given purpose.

  • Be open to God's will moment-by-moment.

As a professional speaker, Marty’s keynote and workshop topics cover:

  • Our Role in the Body Of Christ

  • God Created You on Purpose

  • Your Potential Reaches Heaven & Back!

  • Christian Unity - We Are Sisters & Brothers

  • Building Self-Worth and Courage After Bullying

Christian Conferences, Churches, Adult and Youth Groups, Students (middle school through higher ed) and Parents, Homeschools, Retreats

Fun facts about Marty:

  • 30-year career in the capital markets.

  • Divorced Irish Catholic living in Maryland.

  • He is happiest when helping others.

  • He has been to the Holy Land twice (go if you can!)

  • He loves his faith and enjoys time with his family and friends, golfing, boating, fishing, reading, and creating laughter.

  • His favorite breath prayer: "Come Holy Spirit!"

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